Future of Stephen Avenue Climate Resilience Assessment

Future of Stephen Avenue Climate Resilience Assessment

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Increased trends in the magnitude and frequency of climate related events have prompted the City of Calgary to develop a Public Infrastructure Climate Risk Assessment process that aligns with the Public Infrastructure Engineering Vulnerability Committee (PIEVC) and Infrastructure Canada climate lens requirements. An expanded version of this process was applied to the planned redevelopment of Arts and Culture Character area (referred to as The Commons) along Stephen Avenue. The physical project boundary extends from the east end of Stephen Avenue at the Public Library and Calgary City Hall to 11st St. SW and includes the entire right of way along the avenue and between buildings. The process involved engaging with City staff and members of the design team in virtual workshops to:

Complete a hazard impacts assessment
Score consequences
Review priority risks and identify adaptation measures

The results of the risk assessment show that the biggest shift in risks (from low/medium to high) between the baseline (1980-2010) and the future periods (2050’s, 2080’s) are related to an increased frequency and severity of extreme heat events and severe storms. The assets likely to be at greatest risk in the future include street trees, humans, gardens/flower beds, and asphalt if no adaptation responses are incorporated into the project design.

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