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Toronto and Region Conservation Authority Claireville and G. Ross Water Control Dams

The Toronto and Region Conservation Authority is one of 38 Conservation Authorities in the province of Ontario. Its area of jurisdiction includes 3,467 square kilometres; 2,506 on land and 961 water-based. The TRCA owns and operates a number of large and small dams and flood control structures. The two large dams that are the subject of this study, the G.


Government of Canada Tunney’s Pasture Campus

The Public Infrastructure Engineering Vulnerability Committee identified buildings as one of four priority classes of infrastructure for consideration using the First National Engineering Vulnerability Assessment to gauge vulnerability and adaptability of infrastructure to climate change.

Three buildings – one low-rise and two high-rise – at Tunney’s Pasture Campus in Ottawa were assessed in this case study. The Sustainable Development Group of HOK Architects of Ottawa conducted the case study.


City of Sudbury Road Infrastructure Assessement

This project was undertaken with support from the Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Program, Natural Resources Canada (NRCan and Engineers Canada). To meet the climate change challenge, Engineers Canada and its partners have established the Public Infrastructure Engineering Vulnerability Committee (PIEVC) involving all three levels of government and nongovernmental organizations.


Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment – Distribution Sector

The current study aims to evaluate the vulnerability of Toronto Hydro’s electrical distribution system within the City of Toronto to a changing climate by employing Engineers Canada’s Public Infrastructure Engineering Vulnerability Assessment Protocol (PIEVC Protocol). This study is a high level screening analysis designed to determine where infrastructure vulnerabilities to climate change may be present, to suggest avenues for adapting infrastructure to climate change, and to identify areas of further study.


Assessment of the Union Water Supply System

The Union Water Supply System (UWSS) is a municipal water supply system that is jointly owned by the Ontario municipalities of Leamington, Kingsville, Essex and Lakeshore. The UWSS is governed by a joint board of management that consists of board members from each of the four owner municipalities. Day to day administration of the system is led by the UWSS General Manager. The system is operated under contract by the Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA). Treated water from UWSS is supplied to the four owner municipalities for local distribution to residents and businesses.


Assessment of Toronto Pearson Airport Infrastructure

The GTAA decided to undertake an engineering vulnerability assessment of infrastructure in the context of both the existing climate and future climate change using the PIEVC Protocol. The Protocol is a step-by-step process to conduct an engineering vulnerability asessment on infrastructure due to climate change.

Potential issues and concerns arising from changing climate:


Assessment of Toronto Hydro Electrical Supply and Delivery Infrastructure

Key stakeholders in the City of Toronto such as the WeatherWise Partnership have recognized the importance of the electrical sector and its vulnerability to a changing climate, and targeted it in 2011 as a priority area for further investigation. As part of this endeavour, Engineers Canada engaged the Clean Air Partnership to work with Toronto Hydro-Electrical System Limited (THESL) in order to demonstrate the applicability of the Protocol on Toronto Hydro owned electrical distribution infrastructure in the City of Toronto.