Assessment of Toronto Pearson Airport Infrastructure

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August 2014

The GTAA decided to undertake an engineering vulnerability assessment of infrastructure in the context of both the existing climate and future climate change using the PIEVC Protocol. The Protocol is a step-by-step process to conduct an engineering vulnerability asessment on infrastructure due to climate change.

Potential issues and concerns arising from changing climate:

  • Airport infrastructure is considered vulnerable to the types of weather related stresses that will be exacerbated by climate change;
  • Climate change could threaten airport infrastructure;
  • Potential flooding of runways, taxiways, aircraft manoeuvering areas, access roads could cause operational delays and physical damage to airport property;
  • Stormwater runoff may exceed capacity of drainage and drainage systems;
  • Potential wind damage to terminals, navigation equipment and signage;
  • Disruption of airport operations, ground access, services supplied to the airport;
  • Change in de-icing operations (increase, decrease of de-icing fluid quanitites); and,
  • Different needs for snow clearance and de-icing include combination of less snow but more ice.
Assessment of Toronto Pearson Airport Infrastructure report cover
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