City of Castlegar Stormwater Treatment System

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October 2010

The Public Infrastructure Engineering Vulnerability Committee (PIEVC), established by Engineers Canada, has developed an assessment protocol and is currently creating case studies throughout the country. This report has been prepared for the City of Castlegar (the City) as one of the deliverables required by the Version 9 – April 2009 PIEVC Engineering Protocol for Climate Change Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment.

Using the Protocol the team was able to conduct a vulnerability risk assessment of the City’s stormwater infrastructure to determine which components may be vulnerable to future climate events or significant changes to base line climate design values. These case studies will form the basis for the final protocol to be developed by Engineers Canada, and along the way improve each community’s understanding of the context for developing local climate change adaptation strategies. The results of this case study will also be incorporated into the national knowledge database maintained by Engineers Canada.

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