British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure - Coquihalla Highway – Hope to Merritt Section

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juin 2010

The scope of the assessment encompassed the current design, construction, operation and management of this infrastructure as well as planned upgrades or major rehabilitation projects.

The Hope to Merritt section of the Coquihalla Highway, Hwy 5, in British Columbia was constructed between 1982 and 1986 through mountainous terrain bordered by the Fraser Delta to the West and the Cascade Mountain Range to the East.

The majority of the pavements for the Coquihalla Highway have undergone some form of rehabilitation and maintenance since initial construction in the 1980s. Since construction, rehabilitation and maintenance activities have generally consisted of hot-in-place recycling, mill and fill of 50 to 100 mm of asphalt and concrete and chip sealing. This pilot project assessed the vulnerability/adaptive capacity of the highway infrastructure including the drainage system. Of particular interest was the capacity of ditches as well as culverts less than 3 m in diameter to withstand potential future weather events that could create flood hazard in the area. This issue is of concern in a number of areas throughout the province and it is expected the results of this assessment will be of value in a number of locations.

This project was completed over the period November 1, 2009 through March 31, 2010 and contemplated climate change effects through the year 2050.

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British Columbia
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