British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure - Yellowhead Hwy 16

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avril 2011

The British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is responding to issues of climate variability in its highway design, operation and maintenance processes by undertaking
pilot climate change engineering vulnerability assessments of highway segments within the Province of British Columbia. The assessments evaluate highway structures in different geographical areas and climate regimes, given forecast changes in climate conditions. The goal is to understand how climate variability may impact current highway structures, and to prepare and adjust design, operation and maintenance criteria for future climate conditions.

The Yellowhead Highway, that is the focus of this study, as well as the previous Coquihalla Highway study and any subsequent studies executed by the Ministry are intended to assist in
planning for, and adapting to potential climate change. The Ministry will address results from examining forecast climate and infrastructure interactions, including findings and recommendations and any required remedial action. These studies will ensure highway design standards and guidelines, as well as operation and maintenance considerations anticipate forecast climate variability.

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British Columbia
Internal Project Team with subcontract to Nodelcorp Consulting Edmonton, AB