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Assessment of the Union Water Supply System

The Union Water Supply System (UWSS) is a municipal water supply system that is jointly owned by the Ontario municipalities of Leamington, Kingsville, Essex and Lakeshore. The UWSS is governed by a joint board of management that consists of board members from each of the four owner municipalities. Day to day administration of the system is led by the UWSS General Manager. The system is operated under contract by the Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA). Treated water from UWSS is supplied to the four owner municipalities for local distribution to residents and businesses.


Study of the potable water system and source water for the City of Trois Rivieres

Le présent mandat fait partie d’une entente entre la Ville de Trois-Rivières, propriétaire et exploitante de ce réseau, et l’organisme Ouranos, qui pilote le projet.