How to Access the PIEVC Protocol and PIEVC Program Resources

How to Access the PIEVC Protocol and PIEVC Program Resources

To access the PIEVC Protocol, please contact  Users will be asked to complete the Non-Disclosure and Release Agreement (NDRA). Versions of the NDRA reflect the purpose and intent of the Protocol application.

NDRAs include:

  • Project NDRA: Provided where the Protocol is to be used for a project concerning assessment of infrastructure vulnerability.
  • Educational NDRA: Provided where the protocol is to be used for an educational application (development of workshops, presentations, etc.) or where a copy of the protocol is requested for review purposes.
  • Term NDRA: Responding to user requests, the PIEVC Program is piloting a “Term” NDRA. The Term NDRA will allow Protocol users to undertake multiple PIEVC Protocol assessments over a multi-year term using a single NDRA. Further, rather than requiring all PIEVC Protocol recipients to sign the NDRA, one “PIEVC Protocol Manager” will be identified to manage the protocol and user requirements set out in the NDRA.

Please note that there is no charge for use of the PIEVC Protocol for any public infrastructure vulnerability assessment in Canada.


The NDRA is intended to:

  • Ensure that the PIEVC Program is able to track and understand use of the Protocol.
  • Protect the integrity of the PIEVC Protocol process.
  • Ensure public availability of PIEVC Protocol assessment reports, to the extent possible.

Publication of PIEVC Assessment Reports

PIEVC Protocol users will be requested to submit a final PIEVC Protocol Assessment Report that can be placed on the website for public access.

The primary public good of the PIEVC Program is publication of final PIEVC Protocol assessment reports whenever possible. Users are granted free access to the Protocol to facilitate its use, and to ensure that valuable information concerning methods, data, and approaches to climate change vulnerability assessments remain in the public arena, all project users are requested to submit a publishable, final report.


Confidential Information in PIEVC Assessment Reports & Publication

Many applications of the PIEVC Protocol will result in production of confidential information. There is no obligation of PIEVC Protocol users to provide a report for the purposes of publication on that contains confidential information.

Where confidential information is a concern, users are asked to contact to discuss potential for development of “non-confidential” summary reports that may be placed on the website.