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Town of Prescott Sanitary Sewer System

For this particular study, the Town of Prescott and Engineers Canada agreed to partner and co-fund an engineering vulnerability assessment of the Town of Prescott’s sanitary sewage system in the context of both the existing climate and future climate change, using the PIEVC Protocol (version 9, April 2009). The main objective of this assessment and pilot study was to identify components of the sanitary sewage system which are at increased risk of failure, damage, deterioration, reduced operational effectiveness, and/or reduced life cycle from potential future changes in climate.


District of Shelburne New Sewage Treatment Plant

This case study is unique in that the PIEVC Protocol has been applied at the pre-design stage of the project, rather than conducting the assessment after the infrastructure has been constructed. It has also been applied in this instance to a small wastewater treatment plant in a rural community, with a view to learn about the scalability of the Protocol and to develop recommendations for how it can best be used to assess other infrastructure of a similar scale.


Metro Vancouver Fraser Sewerage Area Infrastructure

In 2008, Metro Vancouver and Engineers Canada cooperated in the Vancouver Sewerage Area (VSA) vulnerability assessment. The VSA study was one of seven original pilot study applications of an assessment protocol developed by Engineers Canada for use with all types of infrastructure across Canada. That study focussed on an area that is largely combined (i.e.sanitary sewage and stormwater conveyed in the same pipe) and currently undergoing significant change through an ongoing program of sewer separation (i.e. separating stormwater and sanitary sewage into different pipes).


Vancouver Sewerage Area (VSA) Vulnerability Assessment

Metro Vancouver and PIEVC cooperated in the jointly-funded Vancouver Sewerage Area (VSA) vulnerability assessment. The vulnerability assessment included all Metro Vancouver infrastructure and operations within the VSA. The catchment encompassed the City of Vancouver, University of British Columbia (UBC) campus, UBC Endowment Lands, part of the City of Burnaby and part of the City of Richmond. The VSA is approximately 13,000 hectares.