Electrical Distribution

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Ontario's Electrical Transmission Sector - Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment

Conducted over the 2013-2015 time period, the study was overseen by the Power System Planning staff of the Ontario Power Authority, since amalgamated with Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), and made use of the PIEVC Protocol, an Engineers Canada-developed engineering vulnerability assessment tool.


Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment – Distribution Sector

The current study aims to evaluate the vulnerability of Toronto Hydro’s electrical distribution system within the City of Toronto to a changing climate by employing Engineers Canada’s Public Infrastructure Engineering Vulnerability Assessment Protocol (PIEVC Protocol). This study is a high level screening analysis designed to determine where infrastructure vulnerabilities to climate change may be present, to suggest avenues for adapting infrastructure to climate change, and to identify areas of further study.


Assessment of Toronto Hydro Electrical Supply and Delivery Infrastructure

Key stakeholders in the City of Toronto such as the WeatherWise Partnership have recognized the importance of the electrical sector and its vulnerability to a changing climate, and targeted it in 2011 as a priority area for further investigation. As part of this endeavour, Engineers Canada engaged the Clean Air Partnership to work with Toronto Hydro-Electrical System Limited (THESL) in order to demonstrate the applicability of the Protocol on Toronto Hydro owned electrical distribution infrastructure in the City of Toronto.