PIEVC Meta-Analysis and Case Studies

The PIEVC Meta-Analysis includes an assessment of completed PIEVC climate vulnerability assessment reports, and provides practical insights that can help inform climate change vulnerability and risk assessment (CCVRA) work for users of PIEVC-based approaches. The Meta-Analysis highlights climate vulnerabilities in Canadian infrastructure, explores the contributions of the PIEVC Family of Resources’, including the PIEVC Protocol, and suggests enhancements for CCVRA practices.

The Meta-Analysis was completed in 2023-2024, with funding support provided Housing, Infrastructure, and Communities Canada.


The PIEVC Meta-Analysis includes two volumes:

PIEVC Meta-Analysis Volume 1: Summary Report

PIEVC Meta-Analysis Volume 2: Case Studies


Volume 2 provides 12 case studies that summarize PIEVC applications across Canada. Case studies include:

Case Study 1: Mainstreaming Climate Change Risk Assessment into Municipal Decision Making – The Marda Loop Project (Calgary)

Case Study 2: Building Capacity for Climate Change Risk Assessments – Atlantic Infrastructure Management Network

Case Study 3: Building Health, Building Resilience – Climate Change Adaptative Infrastructure with Infrastructure Ontario

Case Study 4: Navigating Stormy Seas – Enhancing Climate Resilience in Atlantic Ferry Systems

Case Study 5: Trailblazing Community Planning – A High Level Screening of Climate Risk for Bragg Creek Trails (BC)

Case Study 6: Paving the Way: 15 Years of Climate Resilience on BC Highways

Case Study 7: Developing Resilient Infrastructure with the First Nation Infrastructure Resilience Toolkit

Case Study 8: Harboring Change – Integrating Climate Risk into Transportation Planning for Ports Toronto

Case Study 9: Powering Resilience – Assessing Climate Risks to Canada’s Electrical Systems with the PIEVC Protocol

Case Study 10: Faro’s Climate-Ready Upgrades – Designing Water, Sewer, Storm Systems and Roads for the Future (YT)

Case Study 11: Riverside Resilience – Adapting to East Windsor’s Flooding Challenges (ON)

Case Study 12: Shaping Shorelines – Leveraging PIEVC in City of Surrey’s Coastal Flood Adaptation Strategy