Town of Prescott Sanitary Sewer System

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June 2011

For this particular study, the Town of Prescott and Engineers Canada agreed to partner and co-fund an engineering vulnerability assessment of the Town of Prescott’s sanitary sewage system in the context of both the existing climate and future climate change, using the PIEVC Protocol (version 9, April 2009). The main objective of this assessment and pilot study was to identify components of the sanitary sewage system which are at increased risk of failure, damage, deterioration, reduced operational effectiveness, and/or reduced life cycle from potential future changes in climate. Additionally, the study report contains recommendations for remedial action to minimize the vulnerability and/or complete further study to further quantify the risks.

The study included an assessment of the vulnerabilities of both facilities to current climate (existing and/or historical conditions), as well as future climate change at the 2050 time horizon. It should be noted that the inclusion of the existing conditions is not typical of the previous assessments. Previous infrastructure assessment pilot studies using the Protocol only explicitly assessed the future risks and vulnerabilities associated with climate change. However, this study included assessment of the existing risks and vulnerabilities associated with the current climate, assessment of future risks and vulnerabilities, and an analysis of the change between the two.

Town of Prescott Sanitary Sewer System report cover
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